Losing items on death in PvE

Game mode: [Online | PvE Multiplayer]
Problem: [Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [America]

I’m constantly returning to retrieve corpses only to find there is nothing to retrieve. I get really laggy during combat and experience rubberbanding which allows the NPCs to kill me in the first place and when I return to my corpse I’m welcomed by the news I need to re-farm and re-craft everything again only to re-lose it in the same manner within hours. This is becoming really annoying. Everyone in my clan has also had this happen to them multiple times. We’re not dying multiple times causing our initial corpse with our gear to be deleted. Its deleting itself. Sometimes the death location is on the map, sometimes it is not. I’ve gotten to the point that I’m now mass producing basic weapons and stashing them at my re-spawn so I have a weapon ready and I’m just running around naked without tools/food/water/bandages/etc.
Its bad enough dealing with the constant disconnects but I can live with those more so then having my gear stripped over and over again. Is there anyway to set it on the official PvE servers to not drop items on death? At least until you’ve patched the issues causing it.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Initiate combat in an area with a lot of NPCs and player built structures, during peak hours when the servers are at or around capacity.
  2. Be rendered defenseless by lag and die during combat
  3. Return to death location to find no lootable corpse
  4. Farm for supplies and craft armor, weapons, tools, mods, bandages, waterjug, food, potions.
  5. Start again at step 1