Drop on death irretrievable gear issue

Game mode: [Online | mutiplayer
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: America

Unable to retrieve items

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Fight a spider in the dark near unnamed city.
  2. Move near you shrine to see
  3. Spider bumps you
  4. You fall in and die then on respawn you can’t get anything.
  5. You can’t reach your body or fall in even yet in one spot, suddenly you can fall in.

So you are screwed if you die in a drop on death server as events like this make retrieval impossible. On multiple occasions I have experienced a similar issue. The body falls into something you can’t interact with to get you stuff back like water or in shrines. Or when you die all the enemies that killed you are still there goaltending your body. Or your body just completely disappeared. I wouldn’t have such an issue with the drop on death thing if it actually worked and worked reliably but it doesn’t. Whether it’s online or single I’ve come across these same problems time and again. I think it would make even pvp less practical if even a player that beat you can’t get anything from you.
Any chance to fix this or let me get my items? I didn’t expect this event would be irretrievable. Is the only way to play in drop on death is to stick to cheap tier one gear?