Can't Retrieve items from Dead Body -- now disappeared

I died in a Pit of Yog the other day with full reptilian armor and a bunch of other upgraded weapons/tools etc. that I had grinded for, for hours. I accepted my death, and went back to loot my body, but had no way of obtaining any of my gear. I then quit the game, and tried to re-log back in, and when I got into the game, my character was floating in the sky with the “Da Vinci Anatomical” pose, and then suddenly dropped onto the Pit of Yog. The Pit of Yog, which I had also worked towards making a Rift (I was only a dozen bricks or so short of the 350) was completely empty accept for the medallions that had been created.

All in all, I lost all my gear (upgraded unique armor, upgraded tools, and upgraded weapons) and all my progress towards the Rift of Yog (~330 bricks, 60 wood handles, hundreds of bones) and I am S.O.L… Is there anything I can do to regain my items and the progress towards the Rift? That’s dozens of hours of gameplay (even Early Access) that is just gone and it kind of makes me not want to play the game anymore right now.

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Did you try to return to your body immediately after dying? When you say you had no way to obtain your gear, did you mean that you couldn’t loot the body? Or was it out of reach?

If this is what I think it is, we are currently looking into the matter and hope to have a fix for it in the near future. I’m terribly sorry for your lost time investment. Unfortunately, we don’t have a way to recover those lost items at this time.

We appreciate anything you clarification you can bring to this report. It will certainly be helpful for finding a solution.

Thanks for the response, really unfortunate that all that work just vanished.

My bed was in the same “encampment” that I had built, so it was a quick walk back to the Pit. I saw my body lying there in the Pit, but I couldn’t select my body to loot, only the Pit’s contents. I walked around it a few times, trying to find something that I could select my body on, but to no avail. I decided that maybe if I quit the game and logged back in, it would let me retrieve my gear (or at best, not save my progress and set me back pre-death). As I stated in the original post, I spawned in the air in the anatomical pose, and then immediately landed back on the Pit where I had quit from. It resulted in me dying, and I had to spawn on my bed again. When I went back outside, neither bodies were there (the armored one or the freshly spawned one).

Hope this helps.

It sounds like you’re on Steam. Can you confirm that for us and provide the name of the server you were on?

And as for your work vanishing… I know the feeling! This is an experience you will no doubt have again! Luckily you get more XP for rebuilding all of your stuff. It still doesn’t feel good, but losing and rebuilding is definitely part of the survival game experience! …flashback involving creepers…

Still, we’ll want to fix this issue so that, under some circumstances, you can retrieve your stuff. Thanks for the information you provided so far!

I had basically the same situation happen to me, Died in the desert, revived a few steps away from the place i died and could not find my body at first… checked the map and showed me dead on the opposite side of where I was. So I thought maybe it was a glitch and my body would be there after all… so, I went to the place but nothing.

So I came back and as I am approaching the area where I died I could see my body falling to the ground. So I go there, try to lot to no avail. needles to say, I lost everything I had on me with no way to recover it. That is the second time that happens since launch. Now, can some one else lot my corpse? Maybe that was the issue. I play on official server pve 1732 I think it is.

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