Died and all my gear gone, despite death marker

I died, got back to my death marker within 10 or 15 minutes, marker there but no body or loot. I had 2 sets of Armour and some very valuable stuff.
Can this be recovered? There must be data on the server,


Sorry to tell you that there’s nothing they can do to help players retrieve lost gear. Shy of rolling a server back which they won’t do for one persons loss. I dare say this has happened to all players at least once and in my case a handful of times. Only thing you can do is move on and farm up your gear again.

You need to run out of render of that zone and run back in and your body will appear

Same thing when knocked thralls fall under the map

But it’s too late now

thanks anyway guys - BTW, how far is ‘run out of render’ and does the game re-render so I can tell it has triggered?

Ur body aint there? Where u died? Sometimes when we die due to fall or drowning, the marker can be somewhere along the way from where u died to where u fell…

Maybe someone took your gear and chopped up your body?

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