Cannot loot corpse after dying in Pit of Yog (T3)

Game mode: [Online, PC, Official 1052]
Problem: [Feedback/Change request]
Region: [EU]

I fell in my own Tier 3 Pit of Yog yesterday and instantly died (I slipped!). Despite being hilarious, I could not loot my corpse, because it was inside the pit and pressing E resulted in interaction with the altar inventory, not with my corpse inventory. Just wondering if this is intented. Would be nice if HP would gratually go down and give a player like 5 seconds to jump out OR add the ability to loot a corpse inside a workstation.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Jump in a tier 3 pit of Yog
  2. die and respawn
  3. Try to loot your corpse

Next time don’t mess around next to the pit :stuck_out_tongue:

Its a bit tricky as your body overlaps the hitbox of the pit itself, had similar issue when lagging into the pit. It can be looted just very, very fiddly.

Alternatively remove the pit if you had a lot of expensive materials on you.

When yo die in the pit it does say that you were sacrificed to the gods, so that one is an intended mechanic.

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I was trying to free a thrall that got stuck in the scaffolding on the outside of the pit (it’s doomed!). Rebuilding the T3 pit would have been more expensive and time consuming than recreating my barrow king pike, hardsteel tools and Medium Vanir set. Only carried food and potions luckily. And if there’s anything I learned from playing survival games is not to get attached to any item :wink:

Very true,

Only carry what you can afford to loose.