PSA: Falling in Pit of Yog is an instant death since the new patch

And you cannot loot your corpse either…

This isn’t new.

I learned this lesson the hard way back in May. Was going up to my pit, hit a lag spike, ended up dead in the pit. Only way to loot your corpse is to destroy the pit.

Which is fine, unless it’s T3 or someone elses.

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I learned it when I deliberately jumped in just to see what would happen. Fortunately I have my server set to not drop stuff on death.

Related: y’know those fires up on the towers? Yeah, those’ll kill you too. As I learned when I accidentally admin-teleported into the middle of one.


It’s new to me. There is a pit near my base that I jump down into daily because it’s on my path. I’ve never even been hurt by it.

I used the flexibility patches on light armor and climbed up to those tower fires and found out the hard way…


Part of me really wants to set an invisible Pippi warp somewhere on my server to send anyone who walks into it into a tower fire.

Not even to be mean, I just think it’d be hilarious.

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You could always send them to visit Nunu…he always looks so bored over there with his vultures.

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Well i didn’t knew that but i like this way: everithing that add realism and immersion to the game is more than wellcomed. We could use some advise though but it won’t chance the fact that fire should kill you or so it was supposed to and we must wellcome changes like that even if it means our death…

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Yog is pleased with your self-sacrifice.


I found this out when I decided I didn’t like my dancer anymore. I pushed him into the pit after making him follow me and watched him die. I was satisfied and also learned those pits are deadly haha.

Didn’t need his meat. He was just a sacrifice unworthy of my consumption.

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