Instant Death in volcano

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Volcano]

At the forge in the volcano, on solid black rock. Died from lava.
This sort of thing really make a game poor for me… When i don’t die from enemies or other players, can use Skills to ‘win’ the game and then die from a bug.

it means i have to spend the game avoiding bugs i happen apon. But when they are not easy to spot, like hidden lava/instant death, then it becomes a game of random luck against bugs… where a bug could spoil your gaming session (as it did today)

I kinda expected such a bug was going to happen (So even took extra steps not to push my luck around lava areas, but this was on a solid platform), as i don’t have great faith in the testing skills of beta teams in modern days (i know harsh but her we are).

I want this to be a great game, love it, but today was really spoiled by a bug… and the risk / reward of going to the volcano, where instant death can happen, due to a bug, means that area is off limits.

Result was, due to no fault of my own, i lost time, nearly lost items (top tier stuff) and have to cook up more war paints… my reward for playing the volcano :frowning:

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Go to the volcano
2. Fight near forge

and yes death message was ‘killed my lava’

i would post an image of the exact location of the bug, but i cant… cant even add a link ><

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I can confirm, that you can instantly die by lava if you go to the forge, even if you stay on the iron grate. Especially if you go over the iron bars between the steps and the grate you may die. Furthermore i noticed, that my corps may vanish in this area, even if i make it in time. For example, i died next to a lava stream, but placed a bedroll nearby to retrief my gear if i die. Yet it was all gone due to my body vanished. Same goes for the incident at the forge. Could this be because of the lava itself? Lost top gear, including legendary weapons, because of this.

There is a part of the forge grating you can’t stand on. Enter the forge from the sides. I dunno if it is a bug or intentional. I always go from the sides and jump over the more open part.

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shame i cant post the image. this happened before the steps up-to the forge platform, but after the steps that go down a bit. No lava visible, was not the lava around the forge its self.

All i could guess is, there is lava under the area and as i was in a fight, my physics clipped through the ground and instant death.

I see… you are probably right, especially since there is a lot of times right now where you get pushed underground or pushed up on top of npc’s. Very annoying.