The floor is lava

Game mode: [Online]]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [America]

Go on a ridiculous adventure into skelos well. Me and my bud. We both have legion armor on feeling like badasses. Our torches broke halfway through so we had to do some seriously cautious navigating to get through the rest of the way to get the recipes and fight the boss. After much trial and error we finally succeed and return to the forge to craft the new obsidian gear we unlocked. That’s when we learned we were playing a game of “the floor is lava” that no one had informed us about. On a part of the ground surrounding the forge that -did not have ANY lava on it- killed me instantly as though I had just fell into lava and just like that I lost all my gear. My bud picked it up so he could bring it back despite being over encumbered and very vulnerable. Only problem is the moment he turned around and headed back to the portal he instantly died to invisible lava as well. Two full sets of legion, two legendary axes, dragon bone weapons etc etc etc was lost and we have no way to return to retrieve any of it because we will die long before we reach the well in the volcano without another set of legion armor to fight off heatstroke.

P.S. I want my STUFF back, Funcom. Quit taking my STUFF. This isn’t even the worst loss someone has taken due to bugs in this game. You seriously need to get your priorities straight and focus on bugs like this one and put “npcs in volcano don’t have loot” on the back burner until players know they aren’t wasting their precious time just so something as stupid as this can just undo it all.

P.S.S this is a game with full nudity and brutal murder and I am not aloud to make a post containing swear words??? Jfc…

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Go into the well of skelos.
  2. Go to the forge.
  3. walk around the surrounding area of the forge.
  4. Die to non existent lava, and after putting up with all the bugs in this game and taking it with a grain of salt… ask yourself if you really want to keep playing.

I remember when I got there the first time, there were NPC’s around the forge. Started fighting them, and one of them came running to me, across the floor… and he died instantly before reaching me. He just died running across solid floor.

‘NPC’s don’t have loot in the volcano’ sounds like something they really should stop even considering for now, especially when they have a much bigger problem in that same area.

What other volcano related issues are there?

I was referring to the lava floor issue, as opposed to ‘OMG there’s no loot at the NPC’s!’

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Old bug that screwed so many people including me.

I agree. I Said the same thing in a another post. U have to walk straight to the forge to avoid with Luck the magma floor.

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I will probably just not be going back in there now that I have the recipe. I can live without the tools/weapons that require the volcano forge if this is something I have to work around.

I think everyone who’s been to skelos has had to cop that. I always place a bedroll just outside the well.

If you do get killed with no bedroll, map it to the black keep and run to dragon mouth. It takes you straight back to the well entrance. I have managed to retrieve my stuff this way when my bed was in the swamp.

I would have just run back in but since the last patch it seems I take more damage from heatstroke than my regen can handle

Just an info to the devs: While this issue is definitely there it doesn’t seem to affect everyone. My Wife and me never had issues there (been walking around there for quite some time). My friend on the other hand can’t even touch the ground around the forge.

ummmm goodluck on getting ur stuff back cuz it aint gonn happen they have no control over their servers i lost an entire t3 base up near frost giants area poof gone over night everything gone all named thralls everything poof so yea they give 0 shiz oh this was on pve server 3505

Probably Poof a Purge… Poof to bad defense poof…

naa wasent purge nothing was left not a single block building anything purge meter still full so yea …

I had a post removed for lamenting an inability to use the “w” word.

Hm. The first definitions I could find are not my terrain, but calling someone a w may be seen as insulting someone.

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This self moderation flagging system needs to be removed.