Volcano Obsidian Furnace bugged

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: Europe

Bug: Furnace in the volcano for obsidian weapons

If you step onto the furnace to craft the weapons, it is like stepping straight into magma.
You are dead without a question.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Step on the furnace in the volcano.

This have happend to me to, but only once. Another player on my server got killed too while walking up to the furnace.

the left side acts like lava, try approaching from the right until they get it fixed

the left side even if you dont step on furnace and are on the ground you die. the right side u step on furnace you die.
happened to me last night 6 times.

THE FLOOR IS LAVA! I died 2 times there with Silent Legion Armor which I could loot after running through ice and fire! :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think this is a bug. At least it doesn’t feel like one too me.
I consider it more of a feature. Adds a certain danger to using the forge, and a unique mechanic for killing the adds in front of the forge by pulling them towards you… after jumping over the lava trap :wink:

Maybe if they add a few burning skeletons decoration over the grate… people will consider that a warning.

I can see why people see it as a bug right now…

Well actually, the floor next to the forge killed me. Which seems to be regular floor texture :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s why it has to be a bug, regular floor texture should not kill you as if walking into lava. It’s either lava or a floor. They need to make up their mind.

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The first time that I got to the forge I died after stepping onto it. I had to walk all the way there from the desert. Gotta say I was not amused. Ever since I use the fly command to use it.

Respectfully, I disagree.

If there needs to be a risk element or a challenge element here, I accept that. However - there would need to be an accompanying visual (or audio) queue that would clue in the player to some danger. If the floor were to vent or buckle at the kill spot, or perhaps spray steam, perhaps? I would be good with that. But as the floor has been, you just have to “know” where the kill spot collisions are. Death in the Well is pretty harsh - I don’t think you have the ability to set a bedroll anywhere nearby…

I am sure that the player spying me approaching the forge would likely laugh their ass off. I have taken to a sort of super mario routine when approaching the forge. I hop over a spot to a known / trustworthy patch of ground. Then I climb up and around like a spider, uneasy and wary of all of the floor around the forge, and the grate itself.

Worst part is that I will never trust that flooring again, even if they were to go in and fix it. So, even if they correct it (or add the appropriate visual hints that you will die here), I will always stick to the routine that I have worked out. As silly as I am sure it looks.