Auto stacking items in a full box

Hello guys, I just started to play Conan Exiles on PS4 and I have to say I really like the building system and the crafting system is really complex!

I don’t know if this counts for the PC version too:

If I have lets say a stack of 10 Wood in a full box and want to add another stack of 10 via “R2” (give) the game complains that the box is full. It should auto stack it… Because now I have to click “x” on the stack in my inventory and then go all the way to the stack in the box and click “x” again.

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Dear developers, please, take a look in chest system in monster hunter world. Pretty sort, items stuck, fast active windows switch (between user’s inventory and chest)

Also, I’d like to have an access to menu while I’m creating character. Now I had to close/open the game to leave that character creating menu…

P.S. Where is usability, guys? Pls hire some UX designers…

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I’ve reported this a few time through testlive, its a real pain in backside. please take at look and fix this one.

Had the same issue as op. If I leave a free slot in the chest it works ok.

Ps4 uk

same issue here ps4 hope they fix

Same problem, it’s quite annoying and is wastes alot of time.