Can't quick stack in full chest

When my friend and I, in co-op and single player, wanna put stuff from the inventory to a chest, we can’t get it to quick stack, shift+left click and double click, it won’t stack in the chest.

Like if I have 10 wood on me and I wanna put it in a full chest which already has 40 wood in one slot, I have to drag it in to the chest, but if I make one slot in the chest free I can shift+left click it in. so the slot now holds 50 wood, and then shift click an item in the last slot.


On PC, I have noticed the quickstack works unless the chest slots are totally full. Even if one of the slots has a partial of the item you’re stacking, it will not work. If you leave one slot totally empty it works as expected.

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Same Problem on Xbox

One workaround for this is to change the sorting on the chest to “custom”. Then it will still allow quickstacking, even when all chest slots are occupied.


Thank you xD I will do that xD