[PC] When moving items from inventory to chest & chest is full, it says not enough space in inventory

Platform: PC
Game mode: Private Live
Version: 95365/17742
Problem: Bug

When I have an item in my inventory, say a stack of 20 stone, and I try to put it into a chest by double clicking the stone in my inventory that has a stack of 50 stone for example but the chest is full the game will pop up 'Not enough space in Inventory" and it won’t put the stone into the chest.

Repro steps:

  1. Have an incomplete stack of an item in inventory
  2. Have an incomplete stack of item in a chest in which every slot is filled
  3. Double click item in inventory to move to ches

I’ve noticed this too, it’s kind of silly. I try to keep 1 open slot in chests so I can more easily move over partial stacks. Shift clicking works the same as double clicking, I find it’s a bit more convenient.

Also, beehives won’t fill up their last stack of honey, it remains at 1. This issue may be related.