Not enough space in inventory bug

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: EU PVP

There is a little nasty bug in the game that can easily be reproduced. When you have all your hotkeys with items and you take 1 item out with the double click , and then try to drag or double click a new item into the empty slot. It will say “Not enough space in inventory” and remain empty. The only way to fix this is removing your bracelet to kill yourself.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Have an almost full stack of something in a hotkey bar(like food or ice)
  2. Have extra of that item in your inventory(over the max amount allowed in a stack)
  3. Double click the item in your inventory of the same item to fill up the rest of the hotkeyed item and watch it fill it up
  4. Remove another item from your hotkey bar like a sword, then try to put it back or another item. The slot looks empty, but it will keeps saying “Not enough space in inventory”

This is also on ps4 offline mode. I hope they fix this one soon.

I also had this bug from switching weapons in a fight. From Dagger to Two-Handed-Sword, no prob. but changing back causes this bug.

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