Chests do not stack correctly

Chests on PC and console do not stack correctly. I don’t know why, but you could stack 2 or 3 chests on too of each other and have no issues, then try it again right next to those 2 or 3 and no be able to get them to stack, saying that its not aligned, or can’t place. Its really messing with my ocd that i can’t make a nice wall of chests because of this damn glitch

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This has always annoyed me too. I wish they clicked into place when standing much like foundations do. And if you want them off centre or turned, you can use the shift and alt buttons to do so. But yes, give us snapping chests when stacked please Funcom!

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Doesn’t even have to be snapped. Just fix them so we can actually stack them the way they are supposed to be able to

I too would love to have stacking (even snapping) large chests. I’ve been able to stack one on top of another by fiddling with it for a while. It takes some patience though.

TBH though, it makes sense that they don’t stack. How would you open the bottom one with another on top of it. It breaks immersion when the lid clips through the other chest.

I think a good idea would be to add another large chest variant to the game that has a shelf on the bottom and snaps to walls. We could then stack chests along a wall in a way that looks better.

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