Please let us stack chests evenly

I thank you for letting us stack large chests on top of each other.
But please make it so they can stack evenly with less trouble.

I’m only mildly OCD I can get past things that make me uncomfortable. Still I spend way too much time,
in fruitless effort trying to keep some semblance or order on these Chests. :wink:



I’m glad I’m not the only one!

Yes, I´m all in for better stacking of chests! There are so many nice things to do in CE - finding the right spot to put the next chest is NOT one of them :wink:

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I don’t stack chests parallel to wall but on end and on top of each. Doesn’t always work might try it for a test @droch-aon

If you are stacking by a wall I highly recommend using shelves to place them on. You can make for some very nice, orderly storage rooms using these. But yes, being able to stack them on top of each other evenly would be nice. Same thing with crates.


I know the shelf trick, and you’re right it works great for tidying things up.
However I play PVP, and the shelves have a low enough HP to make this impractical.
I do use it in my SP game.

Thank you for the suggestion though :slight_smile:


I’ll never understand how people can at once be annoyed that chests don’t stack neatly, and at the same time completely ignore that chests are top-opening and as such should be unstackable in the first place :smiley:

(since chests ARE stackable I see no reason why it shouldn’t be possible to do it neatly, so I support the suggestion, the dichotomy still baffles me though).


A grid or raster toggle while placing or building would be great

This sounds like a totally comprehensible argument for me. But the decision to stack chests is not based on asthetical reasons. It follows practical needs: In a PVP-base you want to limit the space where your valuable things are because you need the other space for fortifications (for example: gates, thralls, fake rooms).
Another reason for stacking is the advantage of having walls of chests in front of you to better organize your belongings (think of old pharmacies or a repository). This could, of course, be achieved with the “shelf trick”, but walls are not always available and as droch-aon already mentioned, shelves have a low hp.
I really love chests (as you can see in my screenshot :)) , but my problem with them in the first place is not that they don´t stack neatly. This makes for a (sometimes) vivid, organical view. The problem is that it takes forever to put one on top the other, because the placement is so limited, and I don´t understand the reason for that. In a perfect CE universe, WE should be able to decide HOW we want to put our chests :unicorn:

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