Stacking large chest

Does someone knows how to do that ? I just seen this in a base but can’t able to do this.

Just be patient.
Sometimes one has to find an angle it works for a second and then crosses out. Then simply put the chest-placement-indicator away for a second, re"equipping" it again and in the same time attempt to place it.
This strategy worked best for me.

Not having parts of the chest overlap with anything else (i.e. other chests or walls) will help a lot!

Once one got that one to work, a 1x1/2x1 place suffices as some storage room, enabling “hidden” places to stash treasures away. Might be a thing on pvp if you get creative about it.

Whatever you do, don’t click rapidly with a stack of chests. When you find the sweet spot, you’ll place 5-8 of them in the same spot. And that gets messy.

I use the shelf method.

drawbacks of this method are stack must be near a wall
benefits are a larger “sweet spot” when placing the chests

step 1 place a chest near a wall
step 2 place a shelf over the chest, shelf must be very low even touching the chest.
step 3 place second chest on the shelf
repeat steps 2 and 3

I have gone as high a 6 chests, the trick is the shelf must be as low as possible.


Thank you for sharing that one! :slight_smile:

Thank you guys for all this precious explanations.

it sems that this is not working anymore for me. maybe I do something wrong now? dont know.