No longer possible to place chests on shelves?

It used to be possible in beta, but since release I can’t find a way to do it.

Climb on top of shelf, go into first-person, then find the right angle. It’s a pain, but it can be done.

I followed your suggestion and tried it very extensively. Unfortunately, it always goes directly from “not enough contact with ground” to “overlapping with another object”. I tried both the chest and the wooden box, on shelves of different height. What’s your secret?

It’s pretty much what I said. Part of it also depends on what kind of wall you’re putting it on. When I was placing shelves on a regular wall, in one square foundation I could place two chests on the ground, place a shelf above it, put two chests on that, another shelf above it, and add two more. If it’s a windowed wall, I’ve only been able to fit one chest on the shelf, so I had to spread it out more.

Here’s some screenshots to show you that it can be done.


Like I said, you just have to find the right angle. So try this. Stand on your shelf, but move as far to the edge of it as you can. Then, turn on your chest placement, and adjust the angle based on where you’re specifically at, and slowly move it around. If you have a mouse with high dps, lower it down. Sometimes the sweet spot is tiny enough that you can go over it multiple times without knowing.

I hope that helps, if not, sorry, I barely woke up not that long ago. lol


Just wanted to say that looks great. Never thought to try it but I will be in the future if i can get it to work on console

Ok, I’m trying to do it again so I can show screenshots of the proper angle and everything, but UUUGGGHHH…it’s not working for me now. lol


I’m starting to think they broke that now. lol I didn’t have this much trouble when I first built my base, and I haven’t tried putting chests on shelves since the last update. :\

Sorry, Timrath, I tried to help. XD It seems the chest now sinks in the “sweet spot”, rather than allowing itself to be placed. Makes me very happy I have my shelves up already.

I did it yesterday didn’t need to stand on the shelf just stood infront of it and i did 3 high 1 chest on the floor then 1 shelf then chest then shelf then chest…works fine for me on PC

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You can still do it, just have to stack two shelves.

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Y’know what, I was actually thinking about that this morning, but never tested it yet. Every single time I put my chests on shelves before was when I had a chest on the bottom as well, which would be like your second shelf. When I was trying this morning, I didn’t bother putting the chest on the ground first. I’m going to go test that now, thanks for the tip. :slight_smile:


That 100% did the trick. I made placed a chest, put a shelf above it, placed another chest and it worked right away. Once again, thanks for that. :smiley: Still seems dumb to have to do that, but for now it works. XD

I am always happy to help. Again the best stuff is often organic, so this is a direct by-product of my building last night. Anyway, when I salute in the video, it’s to you, @Necrobile! Keep building and sharing, friend!

The attached 2-minute video covers a box on a shelf, a box on a higher shelf that seems like it won’t place, and a preview of Conan’s Atlantean Sword for the PC, just arrived!

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I watched several times and tried to do what you do in the video but there seems to be not working for me. Unless there’s a hidden step/thing somewhere that I didn’t caught watching it…

There’s no position where the game lets you place the chest in place without showing the “Not aligned…” or “Overlapping…” or “Not enough contact” etc.


I place the bottom chest out away from the wall a little bit. Then place a shelf just above it. It takes a bit of fiddling back and forth to find the tiny sweet spot the next chest will “place.” Sometimes it takes a few times unselecting and reselecting the hotbar key with the chest on it to get it to place.

To get higher than 3 chests high, stand on a table or chair, or if in admin mode, you can fly to raise your line of sight.

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In the last image is stacking with shelves on the right, and no shelves on the left.
With more fiddling about, you can get the no shelves version to line up better, but with shelves is easier to do.


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