Chests on Shelves? What happened?

Hey all. I used to be able to put a shelf on a wall and then place a chest on the shelf. It looks nice and it a great way to keep all my stuff organized. All the sudden I’m unable to put chests on shelves. Did this get patched? Anyone know?

It’s been a while I can’t do it anymore. Would be nice to know indeed!

I had an issue with this a few days ago. You can still do it, but it’s finicky. Possible issues: lower the shelf closer to the chest on the floor. Or pull the chest slightly forward that you’re trying to place on the shelf. I had to lower my shelf, as it was to high to be able to place a chest on it. I think it has something to do with the surface area of the chest below, it may be counting as part of what it’s resting on for stability. Just a guess though.

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Thanks. I’ll try working with this and let you know if this helps that way everyone else will know.

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If able to mod, the Less Building Placement Restrictions mod will help with this.

People lost chests on shelves full of t4s. so yeah its not supposed to be that way, a tea pot is for a shelf.

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Yes, that’s the issue. And here’s a trick to make chest-on-a-shelf work:

  1. Put a chest on the floor.
  2. Put a shelf on the wall, as close to the chest as you can.
  3. Put a second chest on that shelf.
  4. Pick up the first chest.
  5. Repeat this “leapfrogging” process until the shelf with the chest is at the height you want.

I’ve tested this out both in single player and official servers. Done that way, the chest won’t lose stability even after reboot – unless some other bug hits you, of course.

Uh, no. Just because things are buggy, doesn’t mean they’re supposed to be that way.

Back in 2018, people were losing crafting stations and containers randomly if they were placed on foundations close to the walls. Place them on a ceiling near the wall? No problem. Place them on foundation away from the wall? No problem. Place them on a foundation near the wall? Russian roulette. The conclusion was not “well, you’re not supposed to place stuff on foundations near walls”.


I was able to do this completely fine earlier today

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