Chests can't be put on shelves anymore RIP

Was fine until the 2.2 update. Now i have to stack chests on top of chests, This is just really lame, It was a very nice way of storing stuff while making it look nice. Now i have ugly stacks of chests.

Try again, maybe it’s just a fluke
As soon as I read this post I went into single player and tested, then my private server, then the official PVP server where I spend most of my game time.

I found if the immediate area was effected by the “walking on air” glitch you couldn’t stack chests on shelves.
But if the area was stable you could.

Perhaps you should run out of render distance then come back and try.

For those who don’t know how to do this.

  1. Place large chest on floor near a wall.

  2. On the wall above the chest place a shelf as low as possible over the chest.

  3. Place second chest on shelf

  4. Place another shelf above this chest, then another chest. always keep the shelf as low as possible.

  5. repeat steps until you can no longer easily place chests. (I went to 6 for the test today)


Placing chests on shelves has been a problem for months now. Fortunately, there’s a trick I’ve been using and I’ve just confirmed that it still works in the latest update. @droch-aon described it in words, so here are some pics to illustrate and corroborate it.

First, you place a chest on the floor:

Then you place a shelf on top of that chest and another chest on top of the shelf:

Then you can remove the bottom chest and the top chest remains on the shelf:

Basically, the shelf is capable of providing stability to the chest once it’s placed, but for some reason doesn’t let you place it. You can use this to trick the game into letting you place it.

If you need the shelf to be higher than that, just keep repeating the process until it’s as high as you want it:

I hope that helps.


I’ve never liked putting chests on shelves. Seen too many purges spawn inside bases, and given that shelves have 1/100th the HP of a large chest, it’s a good way to see your inventory quickly wiped out by errant spawns. :frowning:


@Larathiel True, but in the new server that I play lately with Sestus imp purge is the main purge in these lands :joy::joy::joy::joy:. So I don’t think imps can even destroy the selves​:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:. However, like I said on the beginning this is something that never crossed my mind, thank you.


What kind of hocuspocus magic is that!
That will come in handy because half of my base is destroyed (again…), and I have limited space to store goods.
Thanks @CodeMage and @droch-aon


I never thought to put chests on shelves. That’s an interesting concept. Here’s hoping to see it come back.


It’s also super easy for the raiders when people put chests on shelves. 1 bomb and every chest is broken.


This is why it is a good misdirect. anything that wastes bombs and points away from where the real storage is… you get the idea. :slight_smile:

Although it is a very old trick, I have other means of wasting an off line raiders time now. :wink:


I believe the point of yours is clear too, the greatest point however is that you see veterans, experienced players to have lack of knowledge about it. This is the magical journey in this forum and I am not speaking only for @rolee9309 but for my self too. For example I knew that it was possible to be done, I did it sometimes but from clear luck. I didn’t knew there was a successful method for it, there for I thank you and @CodeMage for revealing to us this secret. Several times old and new teammates say to me, is there anything you don’t know in this game? My answer was always the same, I am still learning :blush:.


I don’t understand why everyone is so wrapped up around raiders and purges breaking chests easily. The common method of storing stuff is you ALWAYS put valuables on the bottom, preferably on foundation or solid ground.

But for storing non-valuable mats. The shelves are fine. I’m not gonna care if some raider swipes 1582 stone and 34 bricks from me. But it doesn’t hurt to make such mundane storage look good.


I had no idea. Then again, I dont hoard.
Recently half my base decayed and someone looted it and built a small shack with 15 chests and 2 preservation boxes right outside my base with all of my stuff in it. The shack just went into decay and I managed to get all of my stuff back, but realized I didn’t even want half of it back.
I cherry picked the T4 thralls and high end mats and dumped the rest.


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