Stack chests pls!

I suggest you guys to make the chest stack more better.
Is not possible to add it exactly on the top of the other chest and tells me not enough contact with ground.
And when is half aired everything is fine.
Seriously fix this

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Try stacking in 1st person works alot better

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Try using shelves on the wall. Chests can be balanced on a shelf, allowing you to (almost) stack them.

For the record, chests are top-opened so it doesn’t really “make sense” to stack 'em directly (though I’m aware most people don’t care about that distinction).

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The thing is chests used to be able to be neatly stacked symetrically without being offset in any direction. It saves space and looked good. I dont know why they ever broke that. I can still stack neatly but in a pyramid shape but I hate it.

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