Storage identification, Now what box was it again!

Hello everyone, i am having some issues with finding stuff in the base and i was thinking. Why not color my cupboards and chests. That would make it way easy to find and tell my clan m8 where stuff is.

However i discovered that you can not color your cupboards and chests :cry: :sob:

I would like to suggest this little option for the betterment of the game :slight_smile: It would also be awesome if we had more different types of cool looking storage :slight_smile:

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hey ya kno u can name em right? all my pve fridges say “nommers” or "hongry? lol


Use radium torches and place above, using different colors for different chest areas.


Some great suggestions offered here on the work arounds. What might have been, in particular has a great idea with the radium torches! Never really thought of that. Regarding storage options though, I would love if they made it easier to stack chests. Not sure how it is on PC because I see YouTube vids where people have them stacked nicely, but on PS4 it is nearly impossible to stack two metal chest on top of each other perfectly aligned. With three, no chance. I use wooden wall shelves to assist which is good for pve but not viable for PvP. Making them easier to stack or even providing a decently high HP wooden shelf placable that chests could snap into would make me sooo happy. I’m a little ocd about my storage.

Pillows! you can use pillows!


What’s wrong with shelves for PvP?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but my understanding is that the shelves have a much lower hp than the chests. So if you place a chest on a shelf the shelf will break much quicker than the chest causing then chest to lose stability destroying it. In other words, it’s much easier to break into chests on shelves than chest placed on the ground or on another chest. But I’m not a huge PvP player, so again I may be mistaken.

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Yes but if they’ve made it to your chests, you’ve already lost. Destroying a chest is super easy.

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Fair point, still you want to make it as hard as possible.

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Yeah but at the point that they’re to your chests, the extra 500 hp isn’t going to be too much trouble. Besides if you can fit more in a smaller location and make it tougher to get to that location you’re better off.

Personally I like my chests stacked a bit crooked. The more perfectly I align them in stacks, the more they tend to flicker and look buggy and the more noticeable an imperfectly stacked chest will stand out.

You can also use wood boxes or crates (I believe) to break up your storage with some variety. Anything to prevent a wall of 300 identical chests.

Good suggestions guys thanks :slight_smile:

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I never lock my chests, unless it’s a hidden stash. Mostly to avoid unnecessary destruction in my base, and when raiders come at me after raid “you noob you didn’t lock your chests”, for me then to explain they deserve my loot if they got in my base, made quite a few enemy-friends like that.

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This is brilliant.

You can also use bowls/ incense /tea pots ect

If you want to color-code things, you can also try using the different colored war banners from the Artisan bench. They’ll also have less of an impact on your framerate than lights (if that ends up being an issue for you).

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That pillow suggestion tho!! Thats a good one!! I do signs or a weapon rack above the chest. If its got s words in it then theres an s word on the rack.

Like @jistsomeguy said, You do know we can edit the chest name, at least on PC?
Just hover the reticle over the chest and whatever you named it will show.

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