Auto Unlocking Feats Based on Levels

Manually learning feats doesn’t seem to serve any purpose since we can just respec easily, so just let us have whatever feats unlocked according to our level.


I think the problem there would be that there aren’t enough Feat points available at lvl 60 to learn every feat on the tree. This is to encourage clan play and specialized player roles. I think the problem is that the Respec potion is to easy to craft. This makes it possible to play solo and simply respec on the fly as needed. I think a good solution would be to make the Respec potions a bit more difficult to craft.

Agree, this would be a great addition.
it’s just tedious to distribute it all again after yellow potion.

Yea, it’s easy to respec, so this manual unlocking feat is just tedious. Noone seems to use that specialized role, and the devs doesn’t seem to want to change the respec either, so why not auto unlock whatever feat is for current level until decided something else.

It could stay like this for months or maybe a year.

I think there should be certain ones auto unlock. Some things everyone will just have anyways so better those unlock and than reduce the earned points so you can specialize with those.

Or tie some of the unlocks to your stats so if you put points in survival you will automatically unlock certain receipes that would not be gotten any other way

The thing is it doesn’t serve any purpose at all. With easy respec we’re practically have all the feats, why not just have them auto unlocked, no need to force the use of points because it doesn’t make any sense.

Also, most of them are decors, and weapons with little damage upgrade, why not just let us have them all at the same time without respec-ing everytime, they make something available but without letting us players actually use it, I never bother to respec just for making decors, maybe it’s just me but I still don’t see feat build serves any purpose other than being there because most survival crafting games have it.

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Make the re-spec potion harder to craft. so you think twice berore using one.

Sounds like you useing it way to often and with ez.

I play with friends with different roles. thats why we have clans, no need fore a ton of re-spec.

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For me it’s actually the opposite, that’s why I suggest this. I’m too lazy to respec, not even for decor, not even for trying other weapons, it’s such a waste having all feats practically available at anytime but I can’t make it because I don’t want to respec too often. Even though respec-ing is easy, it’s tedious to re-learn all the feats everytime.

I too find it very tedious having to set feats on every reset.
I also somewhat understand clans wanting roles for their clanmembers. At lvl 60 however, I don’t see how you can be that unique.
On top of that a lot of items can be used even though you don’t learn the feat after a later reset.
E.g. the grinder.
Some items, like the fluid press, must be learned even though you placed it before in order to make berry pulp.

I would like to see:

  • Several decoration feats changed to discoverable recipes.
  • A “loadout” feature where you can name and save your current build. After a reset you choose a build via a dropdown and it will automagically set your attributes and feats.
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