QOLI- Feats and respeccing

there have been several very nice QOL improvements, for instance you do not unlearn recipes you found in dungoens or religions after drinking a yellow lotus potion.

since the yellow lotus potion is so cheap and is used to respecc all the time i proppose
either make it more expensive to respecc, so your feats and attributes reflect your playstyle
or just keep all feats unlocked at lvl60, it is fun to pick and choose while leveling up, but reclicking the tree to be able to repair your stuff everytime you change from farming build to fighting dragons build etc. is so annoying and pointless.
obviously the attributes are the focus of respeccing and you do not want all perks available at all times.
maybe add a 1 hour colldown on the potion so you can not respecc midfight.

if i can add a little analogy, imagine everytime you want to start your car, you have to open the door, click a button to open the trunk, get in there and unscrew 4 screws to open a box where a key lies, with this key you open a box that is hidden in the engineroom, there is a button to click for your car to start. but on the other hand it runs on free water instead of gasoline. why not just move the start button next to the steering wheel, since you want to use the car all the time and get rid of the unnecessary hassle.

This is so true, I respec around 10 times a day to go between fighting and farming and having to keep relearning the same feats can be quite the ball-ache. I however do not keep any of my learned religions or recipes from dungeons upon respec.