Avatar fix suggestion to the current problems with Avatar

To fix the Avatar current situation on why the avatars are disabled, here is a suggestion on how to fix them
First of all put a stop to mass hoarding of the true name of whatever God of the altar
By limiting one token per altar meaning you cannot have more than one token active at a time

Second like the lotus potion and the potion of midnight , give each God coin a summoning Avatar coin a 10 minute timer , that is more than enough time to get from one side of the map to the other
after 10 minutes they despawn it means they disappear just like the yellow lotus potion or the potion of midnight
That way these people who are hoarding and obtaining the god tokens by unconventional means the Avatar summoning coin disappears no matter if they use it or not so you have 10 minutes to call that God from the time you make it or to the time you obtain it if you don’t use it it fades like the yellow lotus potion and the potion of midnight
that would fix the Avatar abuse and the illegal acquisition of God coins because of the fact that they’re going to despawn within 10 minutes

Coins already have a timer, all they really need to do is make it so that the coin can only be placed on the hotbar of the person who crafted it, they should also hide the coin from being displayed on the map.

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