Avatar Coins Timer

True name of gods have no time lapse in the fridge. What sin has that if you need 30 minutes for protection? The Avatar coins must expire no matter where they are stored! Please fix that!

There is no timer in the firdges, and i think this is fine so.

Maybe yes, the bubble should be remade, and have a possibility to make them quicker. Or maybe different kind of. But removing timer from the fridge isn’t a solution here.


the Enemy gilde can put the craftet avatar token in the Icebox, where never went off…
The devence need 30min to create a bubble…
The next patcht it is to many Atack, the devence have no Changse

Sorry for my bad Englisch

So i would make them with timer, and not storable in fridge, so no needed change to firdge which has no timer for all stuff in it. The simpliest way to do it.

Or they change the time for a god invocation, you need 30 min for a bubble, you need 30 for any invocation.
I think myself this is to much, not fun anymore. Less would be fine, 10 min each ? .

So you’re standing completely exposed near an enemy base with swirly effects around you showing your exact position for thirty minutes? Or you sit and wait thirty minutes for the token to bake that has its own decay timer?

Either way sounds horrifically bad to me. That avatar had better get a 50x health buff and last at least thirty minutes just to make it anywhere near worth it for that price.

With the new patch making avatar coins is increditabel grindy and time expansive. You have to kill over 600 (!) npcs to get there. If you know have to keep this altar protected even after you have sufficent zeal, because otherwiese it will decay in a few days you become a ridiculous prey for every one. In that case really only clans will be able to perform that on a PvP server.

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Or you twist it completely, and make them only storable in altars. So the bubbles make full sens, they protect, and what is nearby, but also the altar with the precious god-token or zeals to make them, but this would need time.

This is just an idea trowed so, no clue how playable and enjoyable this may be. Still looking foward the perfet god-token-bubble-balance.

You did not understand what I’m doing!
For example: A clan on our server has over 30 Avatar Coins in the fridge, so it makes it easy to wipe the server. And nobody can protect against it. If you are attacked, it is already too late because the bubble needs 30 minutes. I can only repeat in Avatar coins, the timer must expire no matter where they are stored. Everything else will scare away many players from the server! As it will now come in the patch it is absolutely deadly for the game!

already that the raid begins at 17h … so now it would be necessary that I connect at 16:30 to activate the protection … and how do players who finish their work at 19:00 ???

Is there a daycare at funcom for our children?

30 minutes to activate protection is really not good, its require us to connect rather …

There is no interest in playing this game if you are not connected at 17:00 every day.

And do not believe that my boss will let me finish my work every day at 16:00 to be at home at 16:30 to activate a protection in conan exiles for 17:00

the attack god stored in the fridge ===> LOL

As I understand it the protection bubble lasts for 36 hours ? So couldn’t people make it after raid hours are finished in preparation for a raid the next night?
Only question is whether you can make another bubble 24 hours later and remove the current active bubble so you can get the new one up before you go to bed so aren’t left in the position you explained … ie so a bubble doesn’t expire a few hours before raid time whilst people are not home.
I recognise that’s its more efficient to make just before raid time as that way it will last two evenings of raiding but if you can’t do that then after raid time for the next night seems the only choice.

With the new system of killing 500 npcs for one bubble? Sure, if you work fulltime in exiles you can do that!

FC wants to destroy all buildings on the servers
so that the players stop playing and FC can close the sever :smiley:

My understanding is that they are making it so it cannot be stored in anything the slow decay or stops it. don;t know if its this next patch, or the newest one on test live now.

Are you accounting for the harvesting perk that yields two religious mats?

For example, getting two hearts from a single body for Set.

source: modding discord

with one of the next versions they will habe a inventory filtering in place. so they can define which items are storable in the inventory and which items are denied. the main reason for this new feature is the avatar coins in the fridge. with this in place you are unable to store the avatar coin in the fridge.

@Lord_Wiggles Did they change how this perk effect religious items in the new TestLive build? I use this perk on Live and it doesn’t work on religious mats (at least for Set, Ymir, Jhebbal Sag). But even if its still a considerable additional workload.

@Testerle I noticed this on current TestLive build aswell. However it would be nice to know how this effects existing god tokens in cooling boxes. Will they decay, will they vanish, will they remain permanent?
An official statement on that would be nice.

Hmm, i went into singleplayer just to test this and could not replicate it. Either they changed it very recently or maybe it’s a mixture of lag and more populated servers under load but it’s definitely been a thing for a very long time.

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