Avatar hitboxes are way to big (invisible hitbox)

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 5/ps4
Issue Type: Other
Game Mode: Online Official all game modes
Server Type: PvP all server types
Map: Exiled Lands both maps
Server Name: 3125 all servers

Bug Description:
You cant place anything about 10 foundations infront of an Avatar.

The Avatars have an invisible hitbox that only exists infront of the Avatar, if the avatar turns to the right the invisible hitbox moves with.

The invisible hitbox makes it impossible to place bombs infront of the Avatar to destroy it
It only exists infont of the Avatars, behind them its possible to place bombs.

Hitboxes are optimized objects that detect collision. Was there a specific measurement of how far out one could place anything?

It may be intentionally broken with debug text sent to the (web) console. Chrome and Edge can display it.

Why should it be intententionally to not allow to place bombs in front but the sides and back of the Avatar is just fine?

Im just reporting a ton of bugs and glitches, but that is really not helpfull.
I gave you an estimated measurement, isnt that enough?
im sorry to ask are you a bot on auto reply?

That accents the accuracy, yes. Didn’t mean to pressure you. I just didn’t know what way to look at it. :smiley:

Huh? No. Disgusting to even think bots are that smart.

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Relax a bit…
A ton…

Where exactly did you report this ton of bugs and glitches?
10 topics, 11 posts…

Being able to place bombs more than 40m (or further) away is not fun. I think it should be 5m away or less. Just enough to place and move out of the way.

They should mimic the battering ram and treasure carrying “slow dpwn” mechanic. I kean it is an explosive, so one shpuld not be willy nilly placing them :slight_smile:

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And adding on to the other point having the bombs being placed so far made sense for mitigated almost unraidable bubble+hanging base situations. No longer have to worry about that so placing a jar from the ground meters upon meters away is stupid.

But it would be cool if they brought back the ability to roll jars, I miss that.


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