Awakened Staff can not be placed in the Archivist area

Game mode: Single player version 102194 / 18479
Problem: Bug
Region: USA]

Apparently there is a voice over when you talk to the staff where you are supposed to be in the Map Room wth the Archivist, and you can’t build there. Not sure if this can be fixed or not as the staff has the properties of a building element and therefore in any restricted building area you will not be able place the staff there. It is NOT a game breaker but the immersion factor of having the Awakened Staff “guide” you is funny to hear. Oh, the graphic at the Altar of Bats is still off including the two blue flames, see linked images below.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Kill Abysmal Remnant in the Dregs - still can’t climb out of water there BTW
  2. Find the Staff of the Triumvirate in the Abysmal Corpse
  3. Climb tower of bats; kill white bat creature, place staff and demon blood in Altar of Bats
  4. Talk to Awakened Staff of the Triumvirate two or three times. It says to find the map room - done
  5. Try placing staff there next to the Archivist Ghost - can’t be done.

I am not sure if the Awakened Staff is supposed to be used in the fashion that you describe.

My perception is that you place the staff in one of your structures, and then interact with it. The staff persona is really more of a quest tracker. He tells you about the Archivist, but this is more of a linear hint to get to you go to the Archivist and speak with him. After doing so, he will provide you with another quest. Like Tyros, The Barrow King, The Witch Queen, etc.

There seems to be “quest flags” that are marked on each character. Depending where you are on those quest flags (what you have completed, etc.), that will prompt the staff to move on to the next topic. I do not believe that they intended for you to move the staff to different locations for the quest hints. Though, I certainly might be wrong.

That makes more sense and I will use it as such. Thanks Cauthey, good to know.