Quick question regarding the staff of the triumvirate

Do you need to carry it in your inventory for every quest it mentions to get new dialogue, or only when you visit the archivist?

hey there as reported previously the staff is broken and the speech doesn’t happen past the archivist section . so at the moment you don’t need to carry it around , but if it was not bugged my guess is that yes you would have to travel with it as it would " guide " you through the “history”.

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I took it with me to see the archivist, and got a nice chunk of experience points for my level eighteen Greater Sabretooth off of some skeletons.

After placing the staff in my base again, it now tells me about the star of the champion. As I had defeated The Witch Queen, Barrow King, and Kinscourge before getting the staff.

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so the bug is fixed then :slight_smile: that’s good news , then I don’t know if you need to take it with you , since i didn’t knew it had more speach to it ( i started playing long ago but as it was bugged i didn’t knew it had more dialogue ) anyway take it just in case :wink: , he is pointing you to the different parts the archivist spoke to remove the bracelet ( just so you know removing your bracelet deletes your character ( and you’ll loose all your posetions ( if you don’t have a clanmate to re invite you back in ) )


I am going to finish this game someday I have started over plenty of times but never finished it thanks for the reminder.

Far as I’m aware, placing staff and just clicking it starts it talking, and clicking it again just starts next phase.

Its never cared if its in right spot, you can place it at tower of bat and listen to every piece it has to say and last bits wont even make sense since your not there lol.

Far as I was aware, that staff if mostly Story set piece to fill some lore gaps. Much like mummy of set … may or not ever get finished. =/

Unless it changed with the most recent couple of hotfixes (which doesn’t seem to be the case in my current game, but I haven’t gone far with the ‘staff quest’ yet this time) - the way it worked most recently was I had to take the staff with me to visit the Archivist, but after that I was able to leave it in my base and it continued to update after each subsequent step of the ‘quest’. I did have to leave it actually placed, not just in a box, but then after each stage the dialogue advanced to the next item. So I could click on the staff to talk to it, and it only played the dialogue relating to the next phase of the ‘quest’ until I could complete that and then the dialogue moved on to the next one.
Hope that helps :slight_smile:

The stuff was meant to be a guide for the journey and what to do to craft the keystone… It just used to give u a hint about what each item is and where to get it. So no , apart of crafting the awakened staff, u never meant to bring it with u all the time… Place it down on owned ground and consilt it whenever u need to was the point of it… To the old ones a rumour about a hidden dungeon was around in the early days , as the awakened staff creates a sort of portal on the tower of the bat when placed on the altar, but that portal remained a visual effect only and never teleported us on any kind of dungeon…

Maybe it will telport you to the sitpah tower ? :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:


that would be a possible connection! a similar door could also open inside the frost temple on the room opposing the forge… +1 for the idea!

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