Awakened Staff of the Triumvirate

A notion that just hit me.

After all the hints have been given from the Awakened staff of the triumvirate it gives one last bit of lore to lead the player to a location where its mind is transferred to a body.

It does “slip” once in its dialog and says its from the Valusian people.

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I know that it tells you to forget that you ever heard of the last relic that Archivist send you to get. So maybe we are suppose to place the staff somewhere in the volcano, after it has been awakened.

I was thinking today that there is a Mek Kamoses at a shrine and he is looking for something that will allow him to get his sorcerous abilities back.

What he is needing is the Keystone but when I have taken him one there is no way that I can see to give it to him.

Perhaps he might be able to use the staff as well who could lead him on the same journey as us?

You can’t with any of the NPC’s that you talk to in the game. There is no other interactions with them, except for the questions that you ask them when you first meet them. If you try to talk with them after that, they’ll just tell you the same thing that they told you before.