Axe does not harvest dead npcs (human or animal)

No Mods

The past couple times, since the last patch, I have had issues using my axe on dead bodies.
(Animals and Human NPCs) It just kinda swings there and misses no matter my position.

Also, today had an issue with the pickaxe… couldn’t harvest the dead Human NPC body, but it was able to get the animals… though it was finicky.

Anyone else having this issue?
(I have verified files, etc. - didn’t help.)

Would be nice for it to work again - had this issue once before, and it straightened itself out… though this time, seems to be sticking. :stuck_out_tongue:

I also found that if resources or adds that are below the avatar knee level are difficult to hit/harvest, with a lot of misses. If resources/adds just above ankle level of avatar will not be hit/harvested at all. I play same as Dhaylen, single player, no mods

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This is a known issue that’s been around for a long time with several attempts to fix but somehow it still slips through.

What’s happening is that basically your character will throw out his/her back and is no longer able to bend over to strike things on the ground. (You’re character can no longer aim up or down.) Nobody knows why this happens and it seems pretty random when it does.

Good news is that there is a test for whether this bug is “active” and a work around if it is. The test is to go into first person view and look straight down. If you can see your chest like you would IRL, you’re ok. If you’re looking through your body and can see that you have no stomach, intestines or other internal organs, then the bug is active. You can do this as soon as you get logged in and can control your character.

If the bug is active, all you have to do is commit suicide. Really. Open the menu and remove the bracelet, which will kill you. I recommend putting down a bedroll first if you’re not near one already. Once you get back on your feet, the bug should be gone for the rest of that session until you log out. It may or may not reappear the next time you log in. Personally I’ve just made this a habit as part of my login routine. Log in, check for bug, die if active, continue on as normal.

By the way, if for some reason you find yourself forgetting to test for it before you come across a situation where suicide would be a major inconvenience, you can kind of work around it by taking a swing and hitting the crouch button. This will make your character crouch down while the axe is swinging and should get you low enough to hit whatever it is you’re trying to harvest.

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I get this from time to time, I just log out and back in. You can aim up and down again. Been issue for long time now =/

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Yes, again the good ol aim-bug waves in and say hello.

Unfortunately, i saw cases, where all the debugs, remove bracelets, relogs and such didn’t help the player.
It’s a tricky bug, and myself if hit by it, if not far in the game, i’ll start over to avoid further complication.
I must say, that i have been hit just twice now since EA with this nasty bug.

Sure people should try all the above, the relog, remove bracelet and all. But i hope that i will get fixed for good. Honestly it’s one of the badest bug i know that can happen to a new player jumping in the game.

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Good to know there is a potential workaround - will definitely try it next time I play.

Hey there,

We’re aware of this issue and our team is looking into it.
Thanks for your feedback.


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