Axe of ymir not able to harvest ice shards from human corpses

In my single player game when I try to harvest a dead human npc, while standing over their corpse, I swing my hatched of ymir and it doesn’t “hit” the corpses to harvest ice shards. this makes progression with the shrine of ymir impossible.

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. start a single player game,
  2. build a shrine to ymir, build a hatchet of ymir
  3. kill a human npc (this bug might also happen in online servers with player corpses)
  4. stand over the corpse and swing the hatchet to try to harvest ice shards from the corpse.
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turnes out the axe of ymir (or hoarfrost hatchet as its formal name) works in the online servers. kinda makes me feel jyped in my single player game but i guess the developers thought more people would be happy if their multiplayer games were working.

Is this the aiming bug where you can’t aim down?

I’ve seen a lot of similar reports, so it seems like it could be.

If they not changed something there in the last time i think its not a bug, you have to harvest some trees with this tool to get ice shards.

They did change that. They come from corpses now.

yes they come from human bodies, and yes its the aiming bug where you can’t aim down, sometimes it works, (10% of the time i continue my single player game) and sometimes it doesn’t (90% of the time i continue my single player game.) it seems to be a “when you start your single player game and everything loads right, but it might stop working later, but if you start your single player game and something loads wrong, its bugged for the rest of the scession” kind of thing.

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Exactly that !
Also may stuck in one game, but not the other. I tested lauching different games. Made a SP char, hatchet worket like intendet. Created a new game, with new char, hatchet didn’t work what ever i tried.

Then third trial, new game, new char, bug happened, but stopped sometimes after relog, but not still.