Ice Shards not working (& other stuff)


Since the update, the following are not working:

  1. Ice Shards not farmable from trees or dead NPCs or animals or rocks; As our private PVE server was not Wiped after the last update, created new ice axes and tried them. Nada.

  2. For some reason the animal populations have collapsed. Almost no animals wandering about the north or much of the sound. Spawned in a slew of mixed animals appropriate to the areas and on restarting game, they were gone and back to almost no animals? NPC’s fine.

  3. Vaults and Large Chests appear to have variable holding slots. I am guessing that copies of store items are being made and reused for the new chests and there’s a conflict?

  4. Maybe Ice Axe not working in same was as Derkato’s Kiss not working?

Should server Admins be doing a Wipe for the last update or not? We take it as granted to do Wipe for the Big Release?
(Vultures and half-eaten corpses are awesome)

Ice shards a no longer gettable from trees. To bring Ymir in line with the other gods, they are gotten from killing and harvesting human bodies. The problem is, harvesting human bodies is bugged at the moment. The devs are aware of this, and are working on a fix.

Thanks Ran-san, much appreciated - I have a lot of peeps on our server about to revolt because of it :smile:

Is it bugged? It’s been “bugged” since the begin of this testlive phase but it works fine in single player, what are they truly hiding behind locking religion tools out of multiplayer?

We’ll see at release…

To be fair, and as we have PVE server, we do not allow gods as their uses are abused and OP (for us). The Ymir temple though has cool weapons and armour. Ymir is part of the Conan lore and unlikely to be removed. Reworing it though is completely understandable: the other religions all use stuff harvested from dead bodies - and Ymir ain’t a druidic religion… :wink:

I had the same problem with my new character I started. Stuck on 1st alter because of no shards. axe stats are the same as stone axe, 100 durability witch suck because I can craft a regular iron axe with 320 durability. Ymir IS BROKEN, along with a great many other things!

The full release is in May so just around the corner so…

me and my friends are unable to get hearts for Set, or souls for Mitra as well so its not just Ymir, as the one person said they’re aware of this, but i haven’t been able to find any word on if they’re going to fix it BEFORE launch or if we have to wait till launch (which would REALLLY suck…bugs like these need to be ironed out BEFORE launch not AT launch)

Luckily, though the religions bring an element to the game, they are not entirely useful. For one thing, players grab all the religions as soon as they can (without divine punishment from the one they just abandoned :smile: ), and then the gods obliterate sometimes very creative and well-structured bases. That is completely demotivating and what drives many players to PvE and un-godded servers.
If FunCom keep the religions, I would like to see players being able to pick one at character-creation, and then be able to switch again later after x-number of levels, etc. I would expect some kind of ill-feeling from the religion I left.
PS: Testlive Patch Notes (25.04.2018)