Can any of the Alters be upgraded to tier 3 at the moment?

As title says, are they all broken? ( This only applies if you didn’t have a teir 3 alter prior to this patch )

Set - The option to upgrade is missing.
Derk - no unfulfilled silver in the game.
Yog - can’t harvest humans
Ymir - Can’t gather ice shards from trees at the moment

They are the only ones I’ve tried so far.

Am I missing something or are they all broken?

Ymir gets iceshards from bodies now. Also bodies can be harvested on Testlive.

This sounds hilarious but make sense since all other religion resources get from bodies as well

I didn’t now about getting ice shards from humans now, obviously that still doesn’t work anyway. I know things are fixed on testlive, was just wondering if any at all work on live

They work on live version in single player but not on servers