Upgraded altar of Ymir to T3 and it changed location

My altar of Ymir teleported forward by an entire block when I upgraded it. Now its base is protruding out of my floor. I can’t build a floor beneath it. Is there a way to fix this, short of starting all over again?
I’d rather not have to start from scratch. It was a real pain, collecting the 400+ ice shards.

Set alter also changes location by the same amount.

Both the Set Altar and Ymir altar have a fix to prevent this on testlive.


But this is not a retroactive fix, right? Our alters will be broken until we rebuild?

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If I were to hazard a guess, I would say it is retroactive. Basically what happens when you upgrade from tier 2 to tier 3, the game destroys the tier 2 and replaces with a tier 3. The bug itself only affected the tier 3 altar. So when you upgrade from tier 2 to tier 3, my guess is that the bug wouldn’t be present anymore.

What he means by retroactive is will our current t3 alters suddenly want to be one block backwards from where they currently are …
or will they stay the same?
This is quite a concern and not something that Jens Erik could reassure me on when he commented that he’d passed alters shifting onto the coding team.

I guess the only way to test is take a game from live which has these t3 alters to the test live build and observe if they shift back…

I really hope they don’t shift back as players on official servers have no way easy way to get them replaced if the shift backwards causes them to despawn and for those relying on them as god bubble protection will be abruptly and unexpectedly vulnerable.

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I’m going to guess that no, they won’t shift back because they are already placed.

I would think that the only way that the alters would shift back to the position that you originally placed it is if the game handled the alter changes differently.

If the upgraded alter was the same reference item, then changes to the game model and mesh could offset the position of the tier 3 alter, however it seems that the game disables/deletes the previous alter and moves the inventory to the new alter placed in its place. This kind of treatment would require changes to the new placement coordinates.

If the alters was 3 models in one, it would eliminate this issue but require additional programing since at this time that is how the game works.

Just my 2¢ on the matter. I have conceded to rebuild my alters again to suit my needs.

It better not be retroactive, it took a lot of trial and error to get set and Ymir where they belonged. They need to stay right where they are

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Is Derkheto safe, or will it jump, too?

Safe last I checked. I think Tier 3 is slightly larger then T1, can’t remember exactly. But the full on jump I don’t think it will do.

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Hi, Multigun should be right that Derkato will not move. I last tested this in August 2018 in a single player game no mods that I used to see how the alters would look on different foundations.
It might be slightly larger, but did not exceed the foundations that the t1 had been placed on…ie should be ok so long as not right on the edge of foundations or hard against another object.

Mitra and Yog did not move either at that time BUT were larger so leave a good amount of space around them. Yog in particular takes up more space at the back upon upgrade. Mitra is overall larger in each direction.

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yeah I tested all 6 on testlive single player in the recent build, and none of them jump forward now.


yes, patch notes say fix it.

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