Alter of Ymir moves when being upgraded

Game mode: [Online & Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [US]

When you upgrade the Ymir alter from T2 to T3 it moves forward approximately one foundation. The alter’s footprint translates forward.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. place alter or Ymir
  2. Upgrade alter twice
  3. Observe the alter’s placement has moved forward almost one whole tile.

This happens for some of the others as well, some when going from t1 to t2. Can’t remember which ones at the moment.

Thank jebus for pickup mod or I’d be peeved…

When I upgraded from t1 to t2 it just vanished entirely. Maybe the new location was invalid or something. I had to go into admin mode and spawn in a fresh one.

I’m playing on a pvp server. This is a MAJOR inconvenience as I now have to rebuild my entire base to work around the alter in a different position or the bubble won’t cover one of my walls.

Set does this as well. My whole building set up blew up in my face because of the Set Altar. I had to redo. Ymir I got lucky with.

all altars do that when upgrading, they jump forward or backward depending.
After a while you know the trick, and calculate the needed place, but i agree, can be an issue depending the place you have let.

Yog pit does not move. Yet another reason why the Yog alter is superior. Smallest footprint (3x3x3 vs. 4x3.5x3), death trap, and does not move.

i agree, yog-pit is small, but Yog is also clunky.

I must admit that i chose mostly Set or Ymir, sometimes Derketo because i like the look.
I think yog-pit doesn’t jump because his roundiness, Let’s hope the will fix also the other jumpers !

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