T3 Ymir temple is still moving forwards after upgrading

This issue has been there since the ymir stuff had been implemented (so actually for a long time ago…).

What happens? you build an altar of ymir right at the place you want it to be, and as soon as you upgrade it into tier3 it will move forwards (about 1 foundation forwards).

it can sounds like nothing but it can actually mess up your entire religious area design.

BTW, while i’m here, you devs hate the ymir god or what?
this temple has always been a pain to upgrade (it is now improved a bit with ice shards harvestable from npcs corpses) and costs more than 5 times the crafting materials needed from other religious altars.
This is not balanced AT ALL.

What if there is a wall in front of it? Does it crumble?

Good question.
i guess it kinda glitches through the wall the… but it might make it collapse, never tried