Hoar-Frost Hatchet Bug

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The hoar-frost hatchet does not makes contact with dead NPCs. It just swings over them. So collecting ice shards is impossible.

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i agree, the is a problem with the hatchets.

Not only the hoar-frost hatchet, but also stone-hatchets. You’re nearly unable now to hit a body on the ground with it. The animation is more like a standing fight-animation, also while crouching it’s realy a pain.
Realised this by creating a new character on SP for testing purpose, and used a simple stone hatchet to gater some first hides. Nearly impossible with a stone-hatchet to.
Think it was one of the change they made to the froast-hatchet in the last patch.

This has been changed indeed.
Sonic, about your issue, it seems to be happening everytime your character is using a weapon or tool near a tree or a tall ennemy, your char will somehow get stuck in high aiming mode and thus make you unable to harvest corpses with hatchets, it can also mess up your swings hitbox too i noticed.
The glitch is reset after every relog in SP.
In mp though i think you need to die or the server to restart to reset/fix it, i’m not sure though i’m playin on sp right now so i don’t remember my online experience 100% on that matter.
Anyway, once it’s reset, try to always stay out of range of trees when you have a tool/weapon equiped and try to not fight tall ennemies, it can help.

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Last hint, avoid walking around/underneath tents and shelters with tools/weapons equiped, this can mess up your aiming too.

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this occurs since last patch from this week-end, so this needs more a fix, than a workaround. That’s fine for the meantime, but not a solution, as it worked well before this patch.

For me, this issue has been around for far longer than last update…and it’s still there.

Try hitting the crouch button midswing, you’ll finish your strike closer to the ground. I use it to get sticks w/ the hatchet when it won’t reach.

It’s not what you write about. This error was already earlier and it is the character animation error.
To check this, look high up and change the view of camera V and see if your character has raised his head or is still looking ahead. To fix it you have to log in again or you usually die one time. When the animation works properly, the axes work well too.

I am getting no zeal when producing the hachet. Please advice.

Producing tools not longer gives zeals.

dang… so a million kills it is

as you say mate…