Hoar Frost Hatchet Not connecting with corpses

Game mode: Singleplayer PC
Problem: Bug
Crash dump link: n/a
The hoar frost hatchet won’t hit corpses when they’re laying flat on the flat ground. The animation is for chopping trees so it just whiffs over the top of the corpse.

Please change it to the vertical pick animation.

My character is a petite female Hyrkanian. She’s as short as I could possibly make her. If anyone could do the task, she should be able.

Repro steps:

  1. Kill an npc on flat ground
  2. equip hoar frost hatchet
  3. attempt to harvest ice shards from the corpse. Results are the same in first or third-person.

How weird! I just aim down and it works. I’ve seen a few reports of people not being able to adjust their aim vertically though. Perhaps that’s what is going on here.

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I can accept that explanation. Does anyone know of any work-arounds or setup adjustments to fix that?

Check here.

I recall others saying death fixed it as well.

Oh actually it was the same guy, just a different thread.

He mentions having mods.

I was having the same annoying issue in SP.
Didn’t check online yet…will come back here if i the same thing happens there too.
“petite female hyrkanian” sounds pretty nice by the way…:slight_smile: