Missing Cupboards/Dead Bodies

Logged in this morning and both my cupboards were gone.
Items were in loot bag so it looks like I didn’t lose anything.
I still have 3 bodies laying around from yesterdays Purge and are still here,
How do you get rid of them?
Thank You

the boodys is a bugg i think, butt can be so the loot stay in game and not be deleted.

Ok Thank You for the help

Still have the damn things laying around.
Do dev read our complaints?

Why don’t you harvest them?

I wish I could,but nothing works.
Been told its a glitch.
Pickaxe,axe cleaver,nothing.
Iron or Steel
Cant even get the human NPC to harvest for Flesh.
Thank You

had the same problem but no i can harvest them.

And got a arm as a weppon as a bounus.hehe