Backflip emote from battlepass issue

Very disappointed that my thralls can’t perform the backflip emote from the battlepass. I specifically recruit them to from my own circus in anticipation for age of sorcery chapter 2. I got enough jugglers, and without my backflippers, my circus troupe feels incomplete.



I’d love more thrall emotes. It’s disappointing how few new emotes are available for our thralls. They’re the ones doing the most emoting.

Me, usually I only emote during long elevator trips, or while waiting for food to cook in a campfire in the field. Most emotes are wasted on me.



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And pets. Very few pets even have emotes, all pets should have stand, sit, lay down, eat.


At the very least the premium emotes should include information as to whether they are usable by thralls or not.


My problem with this emotes and all this small placables is that if they aren’t anymore at the Bazaar I have no proof that I bought them. I don’t know which emotes I should have.
We see that owned stuff dissapears and you need to contact zendesk. What if I miss something that dissapears and after an year I am not sure if it was in a bundle or how it calls…

Also I find the text should give us more information of usage. A link to a video would be also fine move by funcom.

Then you have the new bath set… Where one for a bath not unnecessary item is missing. All I read from funcom is that you need to write to zendesk. What can you be told over zendesk what can not be public? Is it like with the sandstone set? At least they say oh sorry it was for bath set 2 we just made a wrong advertisement again…

Sorry I went a little bit OT. …

I would like to own the backflip emote but for the same reason as the OP. So thanks for the information…at least its just the next point why I should not buy it.
I am happy that nothing strange happens with the stormglas set. I really like the double doors :slight_smile:

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