Bad glitch on single player

On single player mode a few times I have logged off and the bar when you disconnect from server freezes then had to force close game then am lose ownership for some boxes or stations I even had my gear wiped am not impressed I hope this gets fixed it’s happened to me twice now.

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@Garfield06 Welcome to the Forum. Playing offline brings a new set problems for people because of the console working as a server. You can send a Zendesk report at Zendesk Funcom com. Good luck Exile

Welcome to the forum!
You speak about 2 different cases here…

And two

On both cases you have to be more specific!
But before this you need to give some more details! What’s the console you play, ps4, ps4 japan, or ps5?
How long you play this game and how many updates you have received so far?
When it’s the last time you uninstal and install again?
Now let’s go to the problem number one.
To what exactly you lost ownership and where? In your base or an outpost?
Where’s the location of your base?
To the problem number two again you have to be more specific! You lost gear or your whole inventory?
If you lost only gear, which was it? Was it vanilla or dlc?
My fellow exile be more specific if you search for help! If you seek just complain, answer nothing, but expect nothing as well!

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