Bad server performance, missing furnitures

  • Game mode: Official, online, steam version

  • Game type: PvE-C

  • Detailed information of the occurrence: I started playing three days ago. I experienced the problem on 2 different PVE-C official server, I left the first one, but it happens on the second one as well. There is terrible lagg on the server (for other players as well, I asked in chat). When I log in there are some furnitures missing. Everytime something else. The bed, the chest, the campfire, etc. I log out and login again and some furniture appears, some not. Sometimes when I think everything is okay, I went away from the base to hunt. When I arrived back home with full inventory my chest was missing again. Today is the worst day, the game is unplayable. I don’t know what to do, but I can’t play at all, so probably I play something else. :confused:

  • If possible and applicable, be sure to also provide us with the following:

    • Official Server number: #1040
    • Hardware info: i3 6100 + 8gb ddr4 ram + GTX 750 ti 2gb vram
    • Connection info: optical cable or fiber not sure how do you call it in english
    • Additional details: no
    • Short step-by-step guide on how to reproduce the issue: I log out. I log in. I log out. I log in.

Edit/Update: IF this is caused by the vast amount of player built items in the world, take this thread also as a suggestion to limit the building blocks/items a player can build. I’m a new player and I could hardly found a free space in near the river, but the problem is not with the number of player homes, but their size. Almost everyone built extraordinary large ■■■■■■■ cubes. They are not just ugly, but also extremely huge. I have no idea why would anyone do that and what is the point of building an entire hill around with cube foundations from bottom to top. This is just ugly and plain stupid…

Your hardware is dated and you picked the most populated and overbuilt EU PvE-C server. I am afraid that you shouldn’t expect too much from official servers, especially not with this hardware.


I’m actually surprised you can play at all (outside of single player), I would chalk that up to a win.

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Thanks for your input guys, my PC is dated, but it’s a good one, it can run the latest games as well just fine. :slight_smile: The topic is about server performance, lagg and missing furnitures, it has nothing to do with my hardware, I have absolutely good fps. I chose this server checking the player number, I picked up the one with the smallest amount of players and the smallest ping (at that time). Other than that I don’t know how could I pick a better official server, I mean they are all more or less the same aged.

I thought the minimum system requirement was an i5 quad core. Your complaints about lag are most likely due to your hardware struggling. Sometimes hardware lag is mistaken for server lag, although I’m sure there is plenty of server lag as well, which is amplifying the root of your problem.

Even if this :point_up_2: is true (which I find extremely difficult to believe), you’re never going to convince Funcom that the problems you’re experiencing are their fault when you’re running half as many cores as the minimum requirement.

I would try some other servers if I were you, preferably low population private servers. Best of luck to you, I truly hope your Conan experience improves.

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So, my pc is able to run the game at low/medium custom graphics settings perfectly fine at a stable 50 fps for hours at day one between x and y hours, but after y hour my pc is not good enough for the game. This is a “somehow palpatine returned” explanation.

My pc is a cheap one, but built especially for gaming in mind. I do not care if you believe what I wrote above or not tho… If other players tell me in global chat that they also experiencing the vanishing then appearing furniture items and random extreme laggs from time to time, and in the same time my pc is able to run the game perfectly fine at 30% of the time, then the problem is not on my end.

Altough my network could cause lagg as well, but considering the above written, and the fact that ark, dayz official servers in eu works perfectly for me, speedtest shows everything is fine, the problem high likely be on the server or software side. But, we can talk more about how bad my PC is and how untrue what I wrote in my first ticket. Probably I stated lies and I can barely run a solitaire on my windows, I just created the ticket cause I have too much free time.

DaVice is not trying to embarrass you or call you a liar, they’re trying to make you understand the bare minimum system requirements for optimal gameplay. This 100% would have impact on your gameplay.

They’re correct.

He is not the 1st guy who is reporting it, every 2nd week there is somebody who complain about the EL servers missing placeables including me.

There were people with good PC and ping who experienced it.

1040 is unplayable server for 1/3 of the players, and I am sure almost all players experience some kind of placeable load time, just still in the tolerable delay to skip reporting it.

On playstation I have the issues with the placables too. But only on exiles lands and only in pvec mode

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