Bag of loot underwater

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1.Loot chests on bucaneer bay
2.Press space-bar for take all
3.Lose item located in your inventory in loot bag
4.cant loot this single item, unless you drop enough amount of different types of item for loot bag to become hig enough
5. Damn Crom for such shenanigans

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Sorry for the issue, but it has been present for quite a while. The real indicator, and I look at it every time I loot, is the button in the lower right.

Two states: normal is:
If [Space Bar] is missing, the function is not available (bug) and your first inventory item will be dropped.
If present all goes well.

When [Space Bar] is missing, click the button instead of trying the space bar and all will appear in your inventory, emptying the loot box.

I also blame Crom :fire:




Yeah, that is what i do. But main issue you can’t loot specifically. 1 item underwater. Same issue when thrall body drops underwater. Only solution so far is to move your chamera just under your feet to loot container.

Recovering loot from a body in water is easy.
Just swim out and come back to it under water.

I’m just going to leave this here for shallow water looting.


Yeah i saw this video, i only wanted to attract attention on that small issue. So it can be fixed in the future, since current solution is to either prevent it from happening or use roundabout ways like in the video.

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Totally fair and I hope it grabs some attention and gets fixed this time. :wink:

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