BUG: Cannot loot bodies in waist-high water

Game mode: Online official | Online private | Single-player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: NA

It is not possible to loot human corpses in waist-high water.

To reproduce:

  1. Go to the straits below the waterfall but above Fleshtearer Falls
  2. Lure human npcs into the water near the falls
  3. Kill them
  4. Find that they are impossible to loot
  5. Log out and log in to find that they are 40% lootable

Same goes for the Mounds of the Dead.

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Happens anywhere where there’s water

Hey @Barnes

We’re aware of this problem, which boils down to having the default bind of the use key in a water body assigned to drink. Our team is looking at workarounds for this to make interacting under the water a little less restrictive.
Thanks for your feedback.

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Workaround: Destroy (harvest) body, so the loot bag appears. Then jump and press “E” to open the loot window.


Yeah… That Cimmerian berserker is sometimes un-lootable…

But sometimes just pressing the use-key works. Even when the “open inventory” does not show up.

At least I understand the problem… Because you drink with the same key :smiley: :smiley:

If I have killed an NPC in shallow water and can get the preview window, but not open his inventory, I loot all from the window and drop what I don’t want.

After knocking out, say, a Cimmerian Berserker, and can see the body but not the interface, most of the time I can still tether him.

Just my workarounds …



Thank you, @Ignasi for the feedback, and I appreciate the workaround tips, everybody. I have been operating in the highlands lately – it took about five days for me to notice, then see it repeat enough to know it’s a bug. Later I’ll post a screen grab I made last night: if you log out and then log back in, all the NPCs will be in T-Pose and easy to glean.

So my workaround: log out then back in!


While you guys fix this bug please do not break the function to loot with “F” under water…

I have repeated this after today’s new update, and it works every time.


Good workaround… until they fix T-posing :wink:

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