Can’t loot bodies in shallow water

So this old chestnut is back. It went away for a while but we once again can’t loot bodies in shallow water. Happening in the jungle and around the mounds so far.


Yeah I can confirm this one, it is on my Offline Singleplayer game too.

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I ran into the problem over the weekend don’t remember where. Shallow water. I didn’t remember to try a pick or skinning knife.

Hey @Darkzombie

Thanks for the heads-up. We’ve fixed a few instances of this issue with 2.4. We’ve sent your report to our team so we can look into other possible situations in which issue persists.


Its been like that for years, players have their own fix for it for years. :sunglasses:

Go stand on the body.
Go to emotes and perform the lay down emote.
While you lay down, look into the air and you will see the body their inventory.
Happy looting.

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I don’t remember this issue ever going away… (console side) Pretty sure PC got it patched out, Consoles never got it…

I’ve been able to do it for ages. I’ve got a base at the mounds and have looted that beserker thousands of times. Now all of a sudden I can’t. It has def not always been a thing for me.

Had this issue for years, Some water doesnt seem incure it like other areas.

Mounds just seems to be having issues in general with stuff falling thru ground…and now water there has cuahgt up with rest of map. XD

Brought it up before with other spots, They say there gonna fix it. Oasis water does this to, and you have go into deep water (camera does, when highlighting item) Or ghosting thru ground hoping you dont hit water and cancel fly mode)

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Actually now that I’m thinking about it I used to have dramas with one of my crab traps outside sep city, it must have been sort of just on the edge of whatever causes the issue cause I could stand in a certain spot and angle the camera a little to be able loot it. :man_shrugging: Either way it’s an issue.


When you kill an NPC and they land in the shallow water, just position your cursor/screen view from the bottom so basically you are looking up from the ground to the sky but make sure you are standing over the dead NPC and you will see the loot.

Works everytime for me. I will post a picture when I get home from work.


I’m just chopping em up and grabbing bags at the moment lol :laughing:

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Ya, I tend find making them into a bag easier, At worst use build mode to push bag out of water.

On ps4 camera likes to not go below water (in shallows) Since we don’t have zoom in and out.

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