Can't loot corpses in shallow water

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [US]

Can’t loot corpses in shallow water

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. die/kill player in shallow water
  2. attempt to retrieve loot from corpse in water
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This is the same with fishing traps. Seems that anything below the water surface can’t be selected unless you are under the water too. In shallow water this is almost impossible.

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Maybe this is different than what you’re experiencing, but I can still loot these type of things underwater, I just don’t get the quick loot menu. But even if I’m not seeing any prompt, if I hit X (I play with controller), it still opens up the menu to allow me to loot.

same for me, a big black rhino charged me in the back and instakilled me, my dead body was propulsed in the water and now i see it but can’t loot my stuff in it T_T .

just when i wanted to fill my water reserve before going explore a bit :frowning:

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players or NPCs

Confirming +1.

Dieing in the water has been an issue since way back. Still not fixed.

The water plane is blocking interactions and since the water isn’t deep enough to dive or crouch under it, the body can never be looted.

The only workaround is to smash the body using one of the Temple weapons and spawning the lootbag. You still won’t be able to interact with the lootbag either but lootbags can change size. PIck up some rocks or branches and dump them while standing on top of it. The lootbag will blow up big enough to breach the water plane and can then be looted.

Unfortunately, most people aren’t this ‘clever’ so most people will lose everything they had.