It's Time To Stop - Bodies underwater can not be looted

This has been an issue for a LONG time. Bodies underwater and despawning with your loot. It is an agonizing struggle. The thing that hurts the most is when the water is shallow and you can’t crouch to get your loot. PLEASE fix this! Please! It has persisted for too long! It’s time to stop!
Please note this isn’t a message made with malice, but a call for change.


Try to skin body with a knife. It will leave a sack with your loot which sticks out of the water.

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I had one just now that was too deep in the water.

I didn’t think of that. But often times I’m just panicking in the moment. lol. It would be nice if I could access them underwater though.

I hope they will eliminate this bug but till then we have to use some workarounds :unamused:

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Another workaround. Until fixed.


I didn’t think of that!

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