Ballista! Let's goooo!

This topic is about adding a Ballista! It’s definitely not a new suggestion, but I would like to keep the conversation alive and add my thoughts on this potentially amazing addition to the game.

Please leave a comment and let everyone know what you think! Likes are always appreciated! :heart::+1:

-Add a Ballista for seige and defense!
-Placement would be limited to a crenellation(limited firing angle), or a platform that is snapped to another building piece(full rotation).
-Ammunition could be crafted at an improved carpenter bench, would be heavy, moderately expensive, and could use a modified model of the javelin. One shaft could take up one inventory slot. This would make it more ideal for base defense, while still being useful for offense, due to the need of the crafting bench, weight, and inventory space.
-Would be ideal for defense against trebuchets and extremely satisfying if you were lucky enough to impale an enemy.
-Would do reduced damage against building pieces as this isn’t intended to compete with the trebuchet.

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It would be many times more appreciated if it could be manned by a thrall. That way it would become a very nice defense weapon against purges, especially against those big creatures.


Maybe make the oil cauldrons manageable by thralls too…


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