New Base Defenses

Ideas for new bases defenses.

  • Wall mounted ballista: Attaches to the same half wall slits for the oil wall trap. 180 degree moment left to right. Fires large bolts at slow rate but with heavy damage. Can make different ammo on the tail of the in-game arrows

  • Variable mounted ballista: Can be mounted to any foundation or player owned flat surface. Full 360 rotation. Firers same bolts as wall mount.

  • Two users: It takes a loader and a shooter. Archer thrall/s can be used. Higher level thralls increase reload time and accuracy based on what roll they have on the ballista. Can have two thralls operating it, one thrall and one player, or two players. Thralls have set stats but player functionality will be based on skill.


I would love to see all that a murder hole would be awesome too castles had them arrow slits were also common too.

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