New Defensive Structure Ideas

It’s been a while since we had a “let’s brainstorm for cool stuff” thread!

I’ve noticed a lot of threads saying “PVP is balanced in favor of offense!” and “We don’t have enough defenses to contend with raiders!”


We’re here to talk about cool stuff. Positive vibes only :slight_smile:

So, what are some cool defensive structures you’d like to see in the game? I’ll start:

Machicolations! Defensive structures that could be placed like fences, prevent movement as a solid piece, but allow projectiles from one side to pass through.

Ballistae! They’re cool, functional, and could function as anti horse weaponry. Hitting smaller targets could be difficult, but who cares? They’re neat.

What else do you all think would be cool?

I’ve suggested it before, but Scorpio’s. They’re often called/mistaken as Ballista. They are smaller, and would perfectly fit as a crenelation placeable like the oil cauldron. Used as defensive siege engines for anti personnel and anti cavalry.

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Speaking of the oil cauldron, can we get something going with that? I wanna set it on fire, have it be automatic or at least thrall-operated, and more useful. Currently, it’s about as useful as t*ts on a fish.

How about just have it that thralls are always aggro but can only damage PC’s until raid time and then thrall on thrall damage is allowed. This will alleviate the crawl into the base and wait till PVP time attack which is about 40% of offline attacks anyways.

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had machicolations in a mod I made, thought they worked quite well, another piece as an anti climb circle murder hole, basically designed so you could have a airlock you could shoot down or throw stuff into.

love the idea of balista, perhaps can be more auto turrety then bow men for taking down bats XD

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I think it’s super weird that it’s expensive to build and requires tar and yet does nothing. I know they never finished it, apparently, but still. It even has a sound effect when loaded last I checked.

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I think best thing to auto repair system that can delay onslaught

Defensive attack Vultures could be good for dealing with bats or a ballista that fires a net to take down flying threats might be good too. Spiders could also have their web attack range increased for flying targets.

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I love traps too, I had a feat called trapmaster in one of my old mods the kind of stuff I had for that which I thought was cool:

Pitfall Trap: it was basically an item that attached under a ceiling and when a player walked into its volume trigger it blew up the ceiling piece like a mine, causing the player to potentially fall.

Cobra in a vase: a cobra inside an unstable vase that could be knocked over and broken

The regular traps already in game, Spike Launcher etc.

I would love a trip wire system, a thin rope to a gearbox that could then “wire” to launchers, spike traps , doors closing etc.

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Guard towers: They come pre-constructed and you stick an archer thrall in it. They’ll attack anything within a certain range.

I feel like this would be redundant with the building system, but I do know that we have complaints about how archers shoot through crenelations (IE they don’t) so maybe something like this?

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I saw something on a documentary years ago 20 or so arrows/spears in tubes a large board slaps in to the back end of them propels them out. Could be used for bats and calvary

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A moat. Place it just like you would foundations, but it comes filled with dirty water.

Could come with a long list of pros, cons, and potential exploits.

Would be cool though.

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We already have this in game just needs to be weaponized better. Smoke screens/gas traps. Not a mine for enemies to step into, more like a sorcery infused urn that will expel gas in a very large area based on proximity around the base. Useful against bats and climbers. They could even make beneficial ones that boost defensive thralls with more damage or health. They could be set up to last 1-2 hours based of official raid times and triggered if friendly thralls near it get in combat.

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